Welcome Oakview Residents

If you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, please contact the management office immediately at 856.825.1026.
For a list of potential emergencies, please review the list below.
For all non-emergency requests, please fill out the information below and someone from our staff will contact you shortly.
For your convenience, links and phone numbers to the local cable, Internet and phone companies have been provided below.

Maintenance Request

5 + 13 =

Contact Management directly if any of the following apply:

  • Fire
  • Sewer backup or overflowing toilet
  • Broken water or gas line
  • Water or roof leak
  • Inoperable smoke detector
  • In-unit heat falls below 67 degrees
  • Broken window or lock
  • Locked out of or in apartment

Resident Resources

Cable / Internet
Xfinity TV
Direct TV

Phone Company
Comcast: 1-800-Comcast
Verizon: 1-844-781-3241